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Project Management - Simplified

Duration: 2 days

This workshop is not only for project managers but for anyone who needs to develop a "road-map" that allows them to deliver a project or task on time and within budget.

Although certain projects are of a mammoth scale with many variables, what-if's, "unforeseens" and pushy stakeholders, managing a project should be seen as a practical, hands-on exercise rather than a complicated science. 

Projects often fail due to poor planning - or no planning at all. The reason for this is that we feel the pressure to jump in and start doing the work in order to meet the aggressive time schedules. What we fail to see in advance, is that the time we take to plan thoroughly before we start, is much less than the time we spend doing U-turns during the course of the project.   

This course will not teach you MS Projects or any other project management program, but will rather provide you with hands-on experience with regards to planning and executing a project - in an uncomplicated and simple way. 

We will look at these essential elements of managing a project: 

1)  Theory - Managing Projects 

Overview of Project Management and its various facets:

  • Project Scoping / Planning
  • Project Management

- Managing Time Lines
- Managing Quality
- Managing Budget
- Managing Risk
- Progress Meetings, (Managing Progress, Project Minutes & Change Control) 

2)  Practical Experience - Team Participation - Planning a Project

Scope a Project:

  • Project Justification
  • Project Objective
  • Project Expectations
  • Project Assumptions
  • Project Risks
  • Work Breakdown Structure (Dividing the Macro project into Sub projects - Main Tasks) 

3)  Project Mapping:  

The various sub projects are mapped in order to:

  • Identify the logical order of activities
  • Identify time lines per activity
  • Identify the dependencies between various tasks and sub projects.
  • Identify risk.
  • Identify cost for budgetary purposes 

At the end of the course the learner will be able to:  

a) Plan a project themselves.
b) Assess potential risk within the project and plan strategies to mitigate against said risk
c) Understand the dynamics of the team, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the individual team members, and be able to manage them in such a way so as to ensure successful completion of the project.
d) Engage with the Project Sponsor and the Project Detractors in a proactive and productive manner.
e) Roll out the Project Plan

What our clients say: (Feedback from different clients / attendees)

"Mark Deavall is a very enthusiastic professional presenter who understands and appreciates the needs of our Company. His guidance and simplified principles have assisted many of our project leaders to successfully plan, implement and conclude their projects. These project leaders are from varying disciplines, including sales, research & development, engineering, manufacturing and client services.

Other products from Merit Business Institute we have made use of in the past are Assertiveness, Mentoring and Operational Finance.

Feedback from delegates has always been very positive and encouraging. Chemserve has and will always recommended Mark to our clients, suppliers and agents." - Richard

"Project Management Simplified was a really inspirational course.  I now understand the full picture behind projects.  I found the course to be understandable and will definitely be on a Merit course soon again.  I will recommend Merit to the company and all my friends whom seek tuition.  Thanks for a really interesting few days Mark." 

"The course was very well paced and allowed delegates enough / sufficient time to deal with the technical aspects whilst getting a chance to apply the theory by solving real life problems.  The step by step approach and a well written manual helped to simplify the subject of Project Management.  And in-depth focus on the human aspect has also helped to demystify the subject.  The presenter is well versed with the subject and also demonstrated experience in practical application of the concepts.  Generally a worthy experience that has given me the confidence to use the skills that I have acquired in my daily activities."

"This course has been a great eye-opener.  I've done something similar before but it was not as effective.  I have a better understanding of the PERT chart and I believe that I could adopt / use it in most of - if not all - of my future projects, great and small.  Mark is an excellent facilitator and he uses very real and relevant examples that we could all relate to our own frames of references.  (I learnt something!!!) This has been a good "conditioning" experience and opportunity. The manual is very user-friendly and easy to understand.  I feel that I've learnt a great deal an I look forward to applying it.  Thank you so much for an excellent course.  Keep it up!"

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