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Five Must-Do's for Sales Managers

Johannesburg - 7 & 8 July 2014

Sales Managers have one of the toughest jobs in the world! I know that because I’ve worked with hundreds and I was one long enough to know. Why? You have management driving you like a dog, you have fewer resources than most other department heads, none of the other departments are cooperative, sales departments are dumped on like no other, you deal with primadonnas, weaklings, self proclaimed studs, whiners, complainers, excuses, and you typically close most of the business yourself.

So I hope to impart some help for those of you that reside between a rock and a hard place. Sales management can be a great place if you have equality between authority and responsibility. However if this equilibrium is out of kilter one degree you are trapped in a world of frustration!

So what’s a Sales Manager to do?

On this workshop sales managers will learn:

1) Good sales managers employ the right people – not everyone can be a sales person, just as not everyone can be an accountant or doctor or nuclear physicist. Good sales managers are very careful about who they employ. They look for people with zeal and hunger, with a high energy drive and an attitude of permanent optimism. Good sales people make good sales teams.

2) Good sales managers train their salespeople to close deals – too often the sales training provided is geared mainly toward product knowledge. This is necessary, but it doesn’t help that the salesperson is a product specialist and yet is unable to close deals. Companies don’t pay sales salaries for the knowledge that the sales person has. They pay for the deals closed.

3) Good sales managers focus 80% of their time and attention on the prospecting pipeline of their salespeople – sales is not about techniques or tricks. Sales is a numbers game – the more customers I can get in front of, the more deals I will close. I don’t have to be a particularly good salesperson. I just have to push the numbers. So good sales managers understand “pipeline management” and apply it rigorously!

4) Good sales managers make sure that reward is equal to results – yes, I said results and not effort. A good sales manager manages effort, but rewards results. Because results create revenue!

5) Good sales managers cull their team ruthlessly – by its very nature the sales environment is intolerant of poor or even average performance. Good sales managers make sure that they cut out the poor performers at an early stage.

These are the five things that the sales managers in our top 25 companies are doing on a daily basis to ensure that sales budgets are being met. And these are the same things that top sales managers around the world are doing.

Sales managers are not there to close deals on behalf of poorly recruited and poorly skilled salespeople. Sales managers are employed to drive sales, the life blood of all businesses!


Johannesburg - 7 & 8 July 2014, 09h00 - 16h30

Venues: Address to be advised

Cost: R4600.00 pp per course excluding VAT, including notes, a certificate of attendance, teas and lunch.

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