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The 10 Commandments of Successful Negotiations

Johannesburg 9 June 2014

I often watch and listen to my god children when they play. They are forever negotiating, mostly without a successful outcome. Usually they end up shouting, crying and kicking each other. The bolder one gets her way while her one brother withdraws and the other one runs off to his mother. I expect (and accept) this “I-want-it-my-way” outcome every time, simply because they are 8 years old.

If as adults we are still entering negotiations with this “I-want-it-my-way” view, we are doomed to fail. If we enter negotiations with an “I’ll-be-the-least-and-be-nice” view, we are just as doomed. If we can enter a negotiation with a “Let’s-find-a-solution-we-can-enthusiastically-agree-on” view, we are on track to success. Well maybe not enthusiastically, but we can try!

A successful negotiation is one where no-one "wins", but all parties walk away with a result that they can live with, and that gets the job done.

Approaching a negotiation from this angle can be surprisingly rewarding, because looking at anything from an even slightly different angle than your default angle, gives you the opportunity to see possibilities that would never have entered your mind otherwise.

During this practical session, you will learn how to influence a negotiation in such a way that “wish lists” become the low priority and finding a plan or solution that we can all live with, becomes number one. This way all parties walk away with an acceptable plan that will work to achieve an acceptable result.

I will take you through the 10 commandments of successful negotiations and I will give you tools to use. If taken in and used in practice regularly, you will see your negotiations become more powerful with time.

  1. Understand the different negotiation styles: Learn and practice the skill of quietly observing the other person before entering into the negotiation.
  2. Adopt an appropriate style for the negotiation: If you go swimming, dressing yourself up in a cricket outfit won’t cut it. Your default negotiating style could be way off the mark.
  3. Determine and agree on the objective of the negotiation: You have to have a goalpost and keep the focus on that goalpost, or the negotiation will be derailed. If one party remains focussed on the (agreed) goal, it forces the other in that direction too.
  4. Structure the negotiation: A negotiation is a journey. Structure it well and the right destination will be reached
  5. Plan your strategy: You may follow the commandments, but the other party may be hostile and uncooperative. If you have prepared a strategy, you are more likely to succeed against the odds.
  6. Communicate clearly and effectively: Practice verbal economy.
  7. Listen actively: The moment the other party senses that you are not really listening, they will experience frustration, fear and anger, which will derail the negotiation.
  8. Influence the other side to work with you towards the desired end result: This is a subtle skill that can be learnt and then improved through practice
  9. Handle conflict effectively: It WILL happen!
  10. Always play the ball, never the player: Stick to your plan and don’t get derailed by personal attacks and issues. Easier said than done!

The success of this workshop lies in the consistent application of the knowledge gained and the skills learnt. Although sales people will definitely benefit by attending, this workshop is aimed at everyone who has to enter into negotiations and is serious about not getting their way, but in reaching the best results.

Date: Johannesburg 9 June 2014 - 09h00 to 16h30

Cost: R2450.00 pp  excluding VAT, including teas and a light lunch.

A certificate of attendance will be handed to attendees at the event. Please ensure correct spelling of names when making your booking.

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(No admittance without prior registration and payment.)

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